Lizard Lake Restoration

After all of the studies and a few meetings with the public, they have decided to drain the lake and turn it into a wetland for ducks. "Shallow Lake Management" is what they call it. They will drain the lake down to kill the fish and allow vegetation to grow on the bottom. Then slowly refill the lake to 1 ft. below the crest of the dam thus creating the perfect enviroment for cattail growth. Most of the lake will then become a sea of cattails. No more boating or fishing.

Shallow Lake Management

Shallow Lake Management in Minnesota

Larry M. Aden letter to the editor about "Shallow Lake Management"

Iowa Lakes Targeted for "Shallow Lake Management"

Lizard Lake

South Twin Lake

Citizens to Save South Twin Lake website

Pickerel Lake

Virgin Lake

Click here to read Correspondence between the DNR and Ducks Unlimited (acquired through the Freedom of Information Act)


1950's Lizard Lake Dredging Plan

Lake dredging in Iowa

Iowa State University Limnology Dept.--Presentation on February 15, 2007 (pdf file, ~3M)

To read more about the study click this link: LIZARD LAKE RESTORATION DIAGNOSTIC AND FEASIBILITY STUDY

"New" Lake Restoration 2008 Report and 2009 Plan

Lake Restoration 2007 Report and 2008 Plan


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