Lizard Lake History

Lizard Lake History


History: Named "Lake of the Lizard" by the Sioux Indians. Hence forth, it became known as "Lizard Lake".

The lake was a popular hunting and trapping ground for the Sioux, Pottawattamie, and Sac & Fox tribes. There are indian burial grounds on the east side of the lake. In the 1800's the land around the lake was pioneered by white settlers such as Uriah Elliott and John Buckner. Both were successful trappers. Buckner was also a fisherman who sold fish to the early settlers. Another settler who came to the lake in 1882 was my great grandfather Friederich Buske. He bought land on the west side of the lake and survived his first winter living with local indians.

In the 1930's a resort was operated on the east side of the lake. A restaurant, billiard hall, roller skating rink, softball diamond and dance pavillion. The Lawrence Welk Orchestra, Guy Lombardo, Glen Miller and The Dorsey Brothers once played at the dance pavillion.

The lake also had its own softball team, the Lizard Lake Wildcats.

WWII Lizard Lake Heroes

In the 1950's there were speed boat races on the lake.

During this time the lake was also a popular fishing and swimming spot.

Old Lizard Lake Photos: "Photo's from the past" : Pg.1, Pg. 2, Pg. 3, Pg. 4, Pg. 5, Pg.6


Gerd Buske with Lizard Lake northern.


Indian Artifacts found at Lizard Lake.


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